"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

April 9, 2011

twitter, April 8th 2011

I posted these tweets last night. dunno, #galau-ing. haha some said they're good. but I just don't know.
so check it out ;)

"Maybe someday I'll write poems, poems about you"

"and maybe someday we'll gonna find our way, reaching what we want"

"and if we meet again, I'd like to say "hello" and smile"

 "and only if I could, I'd randomly pick you as my friend"

"randomly polishing your nails when bedtime comes" oke aku tau ini gapenting

"when we get old, will we still be friends, will we still hang out together, talking about our children and husbands?"

"will we share our problems like we used to? Cry over each other's shoulders? Would you still give me hugs?"

"will we still talking about hot guys in town, though maybe we won't be in the same town anymore?"

"will our life be happy? Will we going to get divorced with our husbands? Only God knows"

"and if I die, would you come to my funeral?"

"would you always pray the best for me, though maybe I don't?"

"would you sing me the lullaby at night when I call you and tell you I can't sleep?"

that's all. 

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