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May 2, 2011

France!!!!!!! (baca: Leo Legrand!!!!!)

Last weekend, I attended the France Cinema Festival with my friends and watched all the movies there, at Sutos. There were 5 movies, but the most exciting movie for me is "Les Enfants de Timpelbach", a comedy film for kids, which I enjoyed so much bcs the movie itsels is soooooooooo great!! well I actually adore one of the actor there, named Leo Legrand, as Thomas Wonk. here are some picture of him. sooooooooooooo handsome!!! <3<3<3

Les Enfants de Timpelbach

Thomas Wonk, the hero <3

and if you wanna know more bout the cast and crew, click here.
I actually wanna upload more but the time won't let me. got some work to do. Ciao!

p.s: can somebody tell me where I can buy this movie's dvd? I wanna watch it again :(

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