"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

February 3, 2012

#Day8 your favorite internet friend

It goes to........... Nadhia Iffah Saraswati!

Mwehehe I first knew Mbak Nadh by facebook. I was looking on some facebook accounts and saw Mbak Nadh's name on their siblings list. And then I added her.
Mbak Nadh's latest avatar. cute ;3

I ever met Mbak Nadh at Smala :D. There was an event being held there. I went to Smala with my friend then went for a walk with Mbak Nadh, the conversation was pretty good, I think :D. Ah ya, first thought when I met Mbak Nadh for the first time, I adore her haircut and of course the chubby cheek! :3 they look so cuteeee on Mbak Nadh's face :33

Mbak Nadh really is a kind person. She's cheerful when we talk through social networking sites (Fb, Twitter, Y!M, you name it!). She is...that kind of person who's extrovert yet also introvert, too, I think. She always gave me advices when I shared something with her, but she wouldn't talk about hers. One time, I chatted her at Y!M then she said, "maaf ya drek aku lagi badmood" it was pretty scary .__. but it's okay ;)

oyaaaaa, Mbak Nadh also loves movie marathon and Gerard Butler muahahahahaha!!

Mbak Nadh is now studying at PENS. She said, next year (which means this year), she'll move to Accountancy at University of Airlangga. Well, I can only hope everything's going well with her.

Goodluck, Mbak Nadh :D

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  1. :) thank youuu, I just re-read this whole post and I'm very grateful to have a friend like you, I really do. I don't know what you've been through, distance successfully tearing us apart, yes it sucks right but I hope you have a great life ahead and you can reach what your dreams off. sure you can do it, sweetie, I believe in you. well good luck for your exams ;)