"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

February 23, 2012

quick post!

Hello, y'all! so it's been  a while after I wrote my last post, eh?
Hehehehe so how's your day? been good enough? well, mine is too.

I'm having such a hectic week.Err not to mention that any of the days wasn't good, but, yeah at least I've learned. ffiuh.

Oh ya, lately there are 3 people who are following me mihihihi thaaanks!! and it's getting crowded here in my blog, thanks for blogwalking guys <3. And I've been blogwalking too and found some amazing blogs. go see the 'friends and recommendation' please. May you get inspired. :)

Soooo, I went browsing yesterday. I actually wanted to learn more about editing photos at picnik.com buuuut, it said that I have to blablabla I couldn't understand so I closed the tab.

Then I randomly logged in to my Facebook account and...stalked.Yeah, just a few people I wish I could be close to but...okay nevermind. Then I opened my profile and scroleed down the timeline. Scroll scroll scroll, I found my old statuses, mostly show my labile-ness -__- then I read the wall. Well, at 2011 there weren't many people posted on my wall. But I was shocked looking at 2010. Wew, 3687 posts from my friends. What did I do back then? Just went online and said hi to people on facebook, eh?

But what I love the most (and what I haven't recognized until I opened the timeline yesterday) is that...on 2010, there were so many friends saying 'happy birthday' to me! Kyaaa even there are some that haven't been replied by me. I don't mean to be bigheaded or what but... Suddenly I feel loved (okay Nad, you're beyond unyu). Err really, and yes thimngs have changed. I don't talk a lot to people on facebook right now. Mostly because I don't have the same interest on it like I had two years ago. And yes, it caused by some other things too.

Facebook shows me how things change. I was just an ababil trying to be gaul and eksis (LOL, silly I know). But as time goes by, maybe, just maybe, I've grown up. Well, yeah, maturity takes a lifetime, but at least I know I'm changing. For reasons, for a better future.

Yep, this is the end of this post hehehe. I'm just gonna post some quotes too. have a blessed day in everyday, everyone! ;)

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