"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

November 28, 2012

Life is Fun!

These days, I'm feeling so happy.
I've been working with my tasks and I feel like it's not that difficult I can do it. I'll be ready when the time is come :)

Anyway, twitter always amazes me. Or it's me being positive and then the universe follows. I don't know.
Well, Coach @ReneCC happened to reply my tweet again. Twice.

It happened when I sok-kenal-sok-dekat-ly replied to Mbak @rrchmnia's tweet. She said that she has always been believing that happiness will come soon, but she doesn't know how long she has to believe. Here's my reply: "@ndasrh: @rrchmnia kalo kata @ReneCC sih, "Happiness is here and now", mbak.. Hal2 yg bikin kita kepikiran mungkin bikin kita sedih, tapi kita bisa selalu milih utk bahagia :). Semangat ya mbak Ririe! :) "
And Mbak Ririe replied: "@rrchmnia: @ndasrh I love your point :) amin yra, yuk yuk kamu semangat juga└(^o^)┘ "
And @ReneCC reply was: "@ReneCC: @ndasrh well said. Happy is here. Happy is now. All emotions are beautiful. Make every moments count :) | @rrchmnia"
And then I replied: "@ndasrh: @ReneCC makasih advice-nya Coach, mind opening sekali :) Semoga bisa ketemu beneran in person, aamiin :3 "

The morning after that, Coach Rene mentioned me again!
"@ReneCC: @xx @xx @xx @xx @xx @ndasrh Thanks for watching #ApiKecil last evening :) | @KompasTV"

I know that his mention this time is not as meaningful as the previous two. But I still think that it is. It's like we're connected because we have the sae enthusiasm. Lol. I do respect what Coach Rene is doing, and he really inspires me.

I start to think about what I wanna do after I graduate from univ (I'm still a 12th grader btw). I thought I was going to earn money from the college life and then start buying properties. Yes, becoming an entrepreneur. Or, my another plan is becoming a professional broker. The comission is good btw. Lol.

But then, what about my real passion? Then I think about it... Passion is what you enjoy doing the most, Coach Rene said.
For me, it'd be talking to people. Yes, I love being open to people and talk things out. I love it ehrn I can share my opinions about life, to anyone. I love it when I can make someone feel better. It'd be nice if I can make people live their lives better, too :)

So, I've just added this to my bucketlist: Magang di @ImpactFactoryID! :D
Wait, ada lowongan gak sih, Coach? :p

Untitled, yet Important.

This morning I iseng-ly tweeted something and mentioned two of my role models. They are @ReneCC & @mrshananto.
Here's what I tweeted:  "@ndasrh: It'd be interesting to meet @ReneCC and @mrshananto in person... I love their ideas! <3 "
And, surprisingly, Coach Rene replied my tweet! Here's what he said:
"@ReneCC: Oh, we're full of ideas and LOUD :p "@ndasrh: It'd be interesting to meet @ReneCC and @mrshananto in person... I love their ideas! <3 ""

Wow, I was so happy. I still am. And then I became realized that they are the kind of people I want to be friends with. I mean, it does feel good to have friends who love and understand you, but don't you want more? Don't you feel like your brain needs to be refreshed with fresh ideas and thoughts that'll make you more passionate on enjoying life? Don't you think you want kind of friends who are doing their passion and be happy about it?

Friends for healing the pain is ok. But my mom said that, if you're being friends with anyone just to share the sadness, you'll end up sad and stand nowhere. But if you're being friends with those who are passionate with his/her job, carrer, passion and even life, you'll be influenced by his spirit. Like it or not, you'll be passionate too. And that, is what I want to feel.

It doesn't mean that I wanna throw my friends away and change them all with the new ones, no. It's just that, if, we can let the fear go away, and be confident, and start thinking about what we wanna do in life, I mean, realy think about it, and start solving the challenges we've got instead of running away from them, maybe, just maybe, you want to join me. For a better life.

But if you don't want to, or you think you should think about this later, it's ok.
Just want to make sure that you know that the chances are there, you just have to grab it.
I'm here, and you're there.
But remember, anytime you think you need to be here, I'll be helping you. :)

written on November 8th 212

November 5th 2012

Even when everything seems uncertain, keep on believing yourself and reach your dreams.

You said you want to be the cycle breaker,
You said you want a happy & passionate life,
You said you want a loving & understanding & growing each other's life relationship,
You said you want to build a happy, loving & long-lasting family.

Well, it's all a big dream.
And to reach them all, you got to be "bigger" than them.

This is the time.
Embrace yourself.

October 19th 2012

18 & happy.

I really really a excited about my future. I'm one step closer  to my dreams. I am happy. I get what I want. I'm mature, I'm grateful.
Alhamdulillah :)

me, being true = me, being a happy person.

So so, everyone here is still curous about what I meant on my last post on April?
Hehehe, here's my explanation.

On November 2011, I decided to take a break from school routines. A long one.
And by the way, it's not an easy decision to make. It was the hardest one.
I was on my senior year at that time. And you must be thinking "Oh dear, why? You were way too near from graduation time. You should've waited."
Yes, I know. And I tell you why: I needed some time for myself.

So, during November 2011-April 2012, I kinda explored my feelings, thoughts, all parts of me. I spent time for reading, mostly motivational ones. I wrote, too. To clear my mind up. I went to many places, watching how people live their lives. I was being an observer.

As humans, we tend to make mistakes and do stupid things. I did. I actually still do, but that's another case.
And as humans, we should really have time(s) to re-think about what we did, why we did it, how to fix it, etc. But what I really need at that time is to re-think about what I want to do with my life. And Alhamdulillah, I've found the solution. :)

I'm now better, stronger, smarter and most important:  happier. :)

May you guys are happy too :)

I'm here again :)

Hi, blogger! I'm back again :)

After having such incredible exploration into myself (halah), I decided to write again on this blog.

Just so you know that I'm here for one thing. That is, sharing my dreams. And thoughts. It'd all definitely be everything positive, because I write when I'm happy.

Happy reading, all :)