"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

November 28, 2012

Life is Fun!

These days, I'm feeling so happy.
I've been working with my tasks and I feel like it's not that difficult I can do it. I'll be ready when the time is come :)

Anyway, twitter always amazes me. Or it's me being positive and then the universe follows. I don't know.
Well, Coach @ReneCC happened to reply my tweet again. Twice.

It happened when I sok-kenal-sok-dekat-ly replied to Mbak @rrchmnia's tweet. She said that she has always been believing that happiness will come soon, but she doesn't know how long she has to believe. Here's my reply: "@ndasrh: @rrchmnia kalo kata @ReneCC sih, "Happiness is here and now", mbak.. Hal2 yg bikin kita kepikiran mungkin bikin kita sedih, tapi kita bisa selalu milih utk bahagia :). Semangat ya mbak Ririe! :) "
And Mbak Ririe replied: "@rrchmnia: @ndasrh I love your point :) amin yra, yuk yuk kamu semangat juga└(^o^)┘ "
And @ReneCC reply was: "@ReneCC: @ndasrh well said. Happy is here. Happy is now. All emotions are beautiful. Make every moments count :) | @rrchmnia"
And then I replied: "@ndasrh: @ReneCC makasih advice-nya Coach, mind opening sekali :) Semoga bisa ketemu beneran in person, aamiin :3 "

The morning after that, Coach Rene mentioned me again!
"@ReneCC: @xx @xx @xx @xx @xx @ndasrh Thanks for watching #ApiKecil last evening :) | @KompasTV"

I know that his mention this time is not as meaningful as the previous two. But I still think that it is. It's like we're connected because we have the sae enthusiasm. Lol. I do respect what Coach Rene is doing, and he really inspires me.

I start to think about what I wanna do after I graduate from univ (I'm still a 12th grader btw). I thought I was going to earn money from the college life and then start buying properties. Yes, becoming an entrepreneur. Or, my another plan is becoming a professional broker. The comission is good btw. Lol.

But then, what about my real passion? Then I think about it... Passion is what you enjoy doing the most, Coach Rene said.
For me, it'd be talking to people. Yes, I love being open to people and talk things out. I love it ehrn I can share my opinions about life, to anyone. I love it when I can make someone feel better. It'd be nice if I can make people live their lives better, too :)

So, I've just added this to my bucketlist: Magang di @ImpactFactoryID! :D
Wait, ada lowongan gak sih, Coach? :p


  1. Hi Nadia,

    Life is full of surprises, eh? Keep in touch with us Impact Factory. We always welcome passionate people that makes a good mix with us. ;)

  2. We both definitely share the same kind of positive energy, however, the difference is that you have this awareness at such a tender age. And I truly admire you for that. Indonesia absolutely needs more people like you, it's this kind of uplifting energy that makes the world a better place to live in. So, keep up the good thoughts at all time, because if you do, more good surprises will come to your door. Just watch.

  3. @ Fellexandro Ruby: Thanks! Will do. ;)

  4. @ Eric Handali: Thanks! Will do. Let's spread the positiveness to the world :)