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November 24, 2013

Book Review: The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey (Part Two)

Night, friends. Remember when I wrote about 4DX?
Now, I'll share the continuance of the post. :)
If you haven't read it, you can read it here.

Feel a bit confused of what I'm sharing? Let's take a look at it this way.

In life, we have dreams to be pursued, right? It's maybe big, like studying abroad, becoming an entrepreneur, travelling around the world, etc.
It can also be small dreams, like having the latest gadget, get a better score at school, or watching Beyonce's concert (lol mine).

They are all goals. But then, how do we know what our WIGs are?
Now we maybe think "Our WIG is the most important thing lah!!"
The answer is, shockingly, no! WIG is not the most important thing.
WIG is, something that if we do it, will give a great impact in all that we do.

For example:
Kim has so many dreams. (Why Kim? Because she's not Ivanka :p)
Five of them are:
-Being able to earn money by her own
-Watching Coldplay's concert (she's a BIG fan of it!)
-Traveling around the world (at least for now she wants to visit Turkey and France)
-Get a better score at school
-and studying in Harvard.

Now which one (or two) isare Kim's WIGs
If we ask the what's-the-most-important-thing question to Kim, she'll probably answer: get a better score at school and watch Coldplay's concert.

But we already know that the actual question should be asked is: what is it that if we do it, it will give great impact to us, right? :D
So, according to my analysis (wait that's a hard word haha), Kim's WIG should be: being able to earn money by her own.

By being able to earn money by her own, Kim will learn at least two things:
-How to manage her income,
so that she'll know how to prepare to watch Coldplay's concert, and how to travel the world, and she'll also be able to know how much it costs to study in Harvard and how she's gonna deal with it.
-How to manage the time
since she's earning money by her own, whether it's by working part time-ly or by running small business or what,
she'll have to be able to manage her time because she's still in school andddd she has a goal to get a better score at school too.
So, yes, Kim's WIG is now found! Cha ching!

Now that we now understand what Discipline #1: Focus on the Wildly Important is all about, let's move to chapter two:
Discipline #2: Act Towards Lead Measure. :3

In achieving our goals, we surely have measures--to know whether we make it or we fail.
There are two kinds of measure: lag measure and lead measure.

Lag measure is the result. It's something that is done. We can't change lag measure because it has happened in the past. Lag measure is uncontrollable.
For example:
Lizzie's goal is to be the best at school. Her lag measure is to get 9 As.
When the she looks at the report card at the end of the semester, she becomes sad because she only gets 7 Bs and 2 B+s.
Maybe Lizzie needs lead measure.

What is lead measure?
Lead measure is goals that are predictable, it's something we can control because it's a continual process.
For example:
Lizzie's goal is to be the best at school so her lead mesures would be:
-Listen to the teacher and write what's on the blackboard
-Re-read the subjects every night
-Do all the homework
-Watch Salman Khan video on Youtube and practice it on her algebra class
-and so on, and so on.

So, there they are. Two of the four of the disciplines. Of course we have different goals and dreams so our lead measures would be different too :p
Anyway, will post the continuation soon. See ya and thanks for reading! :D

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