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November 21, 2013

Book Review: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Part Two)

Night, pals. :)
I've promised you to write the Part Two of 7 Habits (you can read part one here).This is more like a quick summary than a review but I think it's ok. I hope it's ok for you. Hope you are enlightened by this post. :)

Part Two: Private Victory
Personal Bank Account
Habit #1: Be Proactive!
Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind
Habit #3: First Things First

On Private Victory...
There are two victories discussed here in the book. Private victory and public victory.
To be a better person, to make a better environment, and to eventually make a better world of ours (and hopefully others' too), we need to win ourself first.
No, it's not about competing with others in a competition, but it's more like becoming a better us. It's inside out.
One thing we should always remember: private victory wins public victory. There's no point in winning the public one if the private one is not fixed yet. Vice versa.

On Personal Bank Account...
 Personal bank account is like a real bank account. The difference is that it affects you mentally.

 If you do something that's not good for yourself, like using drugs or talking about people behind their back, or when you decide to not learn from things that happen to you, like it or not, being aware of it or not, you'll be easier to get pressed by the peer pressure, you'll feel depreessed and etc, means you have a --what Covey says-- a deficit bank account.

If you do something good for yourself, for example like when you decide to read two books per week and you really accomplish it, or when you do little good things to others --like helping someone find their contact lense on the street--, or when you're being honest to others and to yourself, you will feel more confident of yourself, you will be a much happier person. That's if you have a healthy personal account.

The choice is yours.

On Habit #1: Be Proactive
The first step to be a better us is to realize that we are not victims, we are the cause of everything that happens to us.
By being aware that we are the cause, means we are ready to take control of our life. It's our own life anyway, if we don't control it, who else will?
Being proactive means being fully aware of our actions, being aware of the consequences they might bring.
Being proactive also means that even when the worst happens, we can always choose how to act.
So, how if it's our first trial to be proactive, and then there's someone who's behaving rudely to you? The book says "Push the pause button!" Sometimes being reactive is just a habit needs to be changed.
It's not what happens to you, it's how you respond.

Again, the choice is yours.

 On Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind
What do you want to do with your life?
Where do you want to be two, five, ten years from now?
How do you want to feel at that time?
It's important to know what we actually want to do with our life so that when everything turns out wrong, we have a plan to hold on.
Find a place where you can be alone without being disturbed. Empty your mind and start thinking about what you want.
Or maybe you want to try to write what the book called Mission Statement. Writing it helps you figure out what you really want to do with your life. Mission statement is a reflection of where you want to be, what do you want to do, how do you want to feel. By writing it you can also strengthen your beliefs and principles.
Mission Statement helps us to get back on the track --if we ever get out of it.
It also makes us explore the things that we really like to do, what makes us happy, and makes us know what's important to us.
Write it, and stick to it.

The choice is yours.

On Habit #3: First Things First
Have you ever felt the kind of feeling like "So much to do, so little time. Huft." or like after having a girls day out with your girls you remember that you have an assignment to be given to your teacher/lecturer the next day and you feel like "AAAAAAA!!"? Yes you have, right?
Well then maybe we need to know about the First Things First method.

There's this time quadrant thing in this chapter. And there's two main things: important and urgent.
Let's take a quick look of the quadrant

taken from google
Nah, I hope you now know where you're at :p kidding hehehe.
Sean Covey in the book encourages us to be the Quadrant 2 people.
Quadrant two contains important  but not urgent things, like doing homework on time, plan first, do exercise, etc.
The good in quadrant 2 is that we'll have a more controlled life (controlled by myself i mean), balance and high accomplishment.
Well, wherever you're at, I hope you find the quadrant that suits best for you (and your goals of course)

The choice is yours.

I guess this is the end of the post. I hope you really learn things here. And even if you don't, still, I hope this post enlightens you. I promise I will write Part Three soon. Thank you for reading. Let's keep moving forward! :)

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