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November 19, 2013

Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Hola amigos! Another great book is coming into this blog! :3
Yes yes Imma share a review about the second book of one of my favorite authors: Malcolm Gladwell's Blink! :D

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking contains lots of mindblowing facts from Gladwell's researches of how we think.

From the prologue, we've already served by the story of Getty Museum in California, which was cheated by an art seller -- Gianfrancho Becchina, who said that he got a statue from the 6th century (Kouros).
The statue, however, looked almost perfect. The Getty then did an obsevation on the statue and called a geologist (Stanley Margolis), who looked at the statue and then also fastly believed that the statue was really an old thing one. Later, Getty decided to buy it.

But then, an Italian art historian, Federico Zeri realized that there was something wrong with it.
Evelyn Harrison, an expert in the Greek sculpture, was in Los Angeles visiting Getty right before the Getty finished the deal with Becchina. When looking at it, Harrison said, "What a pity."
Harrison said that she didn't know what made her say that. She just thought that there was something that wasn't in the right place.

With that short story, Gladwell starts to make us see the importance of the first two seconds when we see something. About rapid cognition or thin slicing. How we know that there's something wrong or something bad's gonna happen.

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It also reveals the danger of not being aware of our own guts. Of not being aware of our own thin slicing.
Like, how most Americans, in the early 20th century got a wrong choice choosing Warren Harding as their president. (Harding was stated one of the worst presidents America ever had by the critics and political observers).

To me, this is such a great book to know how we think and how we respond to things subconsciously.
Like I've said, mindblowing! The media always says that Gladwell always provokes us with his thoughts; they're true.

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