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November 15, 2013

Book Review: Girls & Tech by Ollie (@salsabeela)

Good day, guys!
I just read Ollie Salsabeela's Girls & Tech. Got lots to learn from it whoa ><

Ollie Salsabeela is the owner (co-founder) of Kutukutubuku.com and Nulisbuku.com. She's also the author of 26 books -- including this book.

What's this book is all about?
It's about girls and their potentials in the tech world. Ollie says there are so many girls/women who are still afraid to jump into tech thingy (because they claim theirselves as "ga gaul", "takut eror" etc).
Padahal, potensinya besar sekali untuk perempuan bisa maju dan stand out from the crowd, karena perempuan punya keunggulan-keunggulan tersendiri dibanding laki-laki.
Ollie mencontohkan, sudah banyak perempuan yang terjun ke dalam dunia teknologi and do mark their presence there -- including herself.

So then she encourages us, girls, to do the same.
She writes about the reasons why girls can really deal with tech and entrepreneurial thingy.

What I love from this book is that, Ollie bermurah hati untuk berbagi rahasia-rahasia.
She also reveals some secrets, including how to make a startup, how to make a business plan, how to bravely speaking in front of public, etc.

Such a good book for girls who have dreams to be caught --
especially those who want to be entrepreneurs. :)

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