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November 23, 2013

Book Review: Sleepover Party by Jacqueline Wilson

It all starts when Daisy moves to a new school. She finally fits in with a group of other four girls: Amy, Bella, Chloe and Emily and they name the group the Alphabet Club. They do different things every week, like collecting things which initial name is as the same as theirs, and so on, and so on. Daisy feels happy befriending those new friends. 

However, she doesn't actually fit in with all members. Chloe, the one whose hair is curly and blonde, doesn't like the fact that the other girls let Daisy join them in the club. Daisy feels it too and sometimes she's afraid of being dumped out of the group, since she still got no one to be her bestfriend (Amy has Bella and Emily got Chloe), eventhough Emily's so nice to Daisy and Daisy hopes she could be Emily's bestfriend.
look at the cute illustration!

One day, Amy announces that she'll have her birthday on the weekend and she invites all members of Alphabet Club, including Daisy. And it's not just a party, it's a sleepover party!
Soon all members are having their birthday and they all make a sleepover party too. When it comes to Chloe's birthday, at first Daisy is not invited, until Amy and Emily and Bella say that it's unfair, then Chloe agrees to invite Daisy. But nightmare happens when Daisy joins the sleepover party.

After Emily's party, it's time for Daisy's. Daisy is confused whether to make a sleepover party or not because she actually has a big sister, Lily, who has had special needs since born, and is afraid of the reaction of her friends about Lily. Daisy's mum encourages her not to be worried because if they really are Daisy's friends they'd understand.

In short, Daisy's party was a success aaaaandddd Emily becomes Daisy's bestfriend! Yeay! Chloe is not a member of the Alphabet Club anymore. A happy ending. The end.

This novel is Jacqueline Wilson's first novel that I read. And I LOVE IT!
I basically love all Wilson's writings. I love the way she lets people know children's problems and also tell children who read her books how to overcome their problems. I love the way she concerns on kids and their life. I love the way she writes in kids' point of view.
Also, I love the illustrations given in the book! Nick Sharratt is awesome! AAAAAAA LOOOOOVE!!!!! <3<3

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