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November 22, 2013

My Kind of Childhood (Book Review: Famous Five by Enid Blyton)

Talking about childhood memories, for me, won't go far from books. I was raised watching my parents read lots of books. The first word that I tried to read (and fortunately I made it! hahaha) was "KOMPAS". Yes, that newspaper lol.
Still clear to me when I was four (or younger, or older, I forgot hehehe) my parents would take me to the bookstore and let me play in the child books section. By 'play' here means I would open the plastic wrapping of some books and then read it. Not actually reading it though, I was just busy looking at the pictures because words were boring to me (at that time).
By the time I was six, I was introduced to Detective Conan comic series and boom! It made me afraid to take a pee at night and I stopped reading it until I was in fourth grade. LOL.

Not so long after I was brave enough to read Detective Conan series, my mom introduced me to novel thingy. And the first that came into her mind was the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.
Did you know? reading a novel for a nine year old girl was harddddddd. There's only few pictures in it so I had to be strong enough (lol) to keep up with the next pages.
I played a bit tricky to my mom, I said I finished a novel but actually there's a few pages (well maybe 20% of all) that I haven't read. So I actually didn't really know what the novel is all about wkwkwk.
But then, my mom made a system (yes my mom is that serious in teaching me to love reading. Now I know what it is for hehehe thanks mom!): after reading it, I had to tell her what the novel is all about. Oh NOOOOOO. Means I got to keep reading. I used to get sleepy when reading because to me the story was booooring!
But then, as time went by I got to love Enid Blyton's writing more and more. True. Famous Five, Malory Tower series, The Naughtiest Girl, The Secret Seven, The Five Find-Outers. They are all great!
Thank God I read Enid Blyton's. It's one of the things that has made me love reading.

now indonesian edition
So I'm basically here to share a bit about Famous Five. It's Enid Blyton's most well-known masterpiece.
Famous Five is a group of four kids and a dog. Yes, they are George and her (yes George is a girl!) cousins: Julian. Dick and Anne. Plus G's dog, Timmy.
They have lots and lots of adventures.
The one that I'll share here is Famous Five: Five Go Off in Caravan.

now english edition
In a summer holiday, George stays in her cousins' house. They feel bored because they have nothing to do in the house. So then, they decide to go traveling by a caravan. Typo, caravans. And then they prepare the things they need to bring.
And the journey begins. Before deciding to go with caravans, they were actually inspired by a circus group passing by the house. And now, with the caravans, they want to follow the circus group's way.
In short, it turns out that the head of circus was not a good man. And they have a friend, a member of the circus too, named Nobby. Then they experienced adventure together.

80s english edition
I'm sorry if the review is not so somplete, you should read it yourself :p it's easy to read anyway.
What I love from Blyton's novels is that, because it's a story of kids at the early 20th century (like 1940 or 1950 maybe), so the story is not so complicated. I love they way she brings out the attitude of kids (how kids supposed to be), like when she describes Julian as a good and polite boy, and how Anne loves to cook and manage things (kind of mother-to-be person, eh? :p) or how George's name is actually Georgina but she doesn't want to be called so because she actually wants to be a boy, and she gets angry easily but is an honest person. Her novels teach us good things.

old indonesian edition
Also, reading Enid Blyton's writings also increases my knowledge about England (and English people).
Like when in summer, the sun sets at night, 9pm or so. And the fact that English people are polite, etc.
Also, what I learn from Blyton's books (and most English writers, such as Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman, etc) is that English people love food! Hahaha I don't know how many times I drool when reading English writers' novels because of the kinds of food written there =)) Sandwiches, lemonade, cakes, toast with butter or toast with egg oh gosh for someone who loves wheat thingy (and basically loves to eat wkwk), I really am drooling =)) I guess they love to eat too :))

Oh ya, this is the picture of my kind of book version:

If you haven't read any of Enid Blyton's books, I suggest you to read them all. Now! Hehehe have a great day, friends! :)

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