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December 7, 2013

7 Habits Part Three (Book Review)

Hi again, friends! So it's weekend already aaaaand I decided to type this exciting --yet enlightening, hopefully-- post for you. Keep catching up, will you? ;)

This post is a continuity of the two previous posts on Sean Covey's 7 Habits. Part One is here, and part Two is here. Okeh, let's start :)

Part Three: Public Victory
Relationship Bank Account
Habit #4: Think Win/Win
Habit #5: Seek to Understand First, Then to be Understood
Habit #6: Synergize

On Public Victory...
Well, after winning private victory, which includes controlling yourself for every action we take, knowing what you want in life, prioritizing things and more), now we can go further to the next level. Yes, public victory is not just about yourself. It's how we make the better world a better place to live in....together.

On Relationship Bank Account...
What is relationship bank account anyway, Nad? The same like the personal one, relationship bank account is important to us. 
Example, when you do good to others, you'll feel good and others will be happy too. 
But when you do them bad things, well, they'll feel sad and, although you say you don't really care about it, you'll feel sad too because it makes your feelings not good.

To improve our relationship bank account, we can do things like do good deeds, say sorry, keep your loyalty, etc. And we also have to keep our integrity here. And principles.

On Habit #4: Think Win/Win...
Most people think life works this way: if you win, I lose. If I win, you must lose. If it seems that I'm gonna lose, you'll have to lose too.
That's not right. Let's have a big heart and think of life the other way around. If we can make both people win, why not? They key is to listen to what people want, and tell them what we want, and then seek solutions for both. Wouldn't that be nice? :)

On Habit #5: Seek to Understand First Then to be Understood
So often whenever we do everything, we want everyone to see things with our perspective(s), and we don't give a chance  to put ourselves in others' shoes. Let's turn the rule around! That way, we won't get to what we actually want, if you ask me.
The key is to LISTEN! *brb playing Beyonce's song*

On Habit #6: Synergize
In this habit, Covey wants us to know that if we synergize, the energy becomes uncountable and it;ll make everything better. 1+1=3 or more.
This habit is cool!

So that's all in the part three. See ya on habit #7! :)

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