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December 2, 2013

Book Review: The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) by Sean Covey (Part Three)

Hello :)
This post is about 4DX's Discipline #3: Managing Motivating Scoreboard.
You haven't read Discipline #1 and #2? You can read them here and here. :)

So now we understand what discipline #1 and #2 are all about. We've known what our WIGs are, amd we've already known the things we need to do to achieve our goals.
Then how do we know if we're losing or winning?

Discipline #3 is about how we know whether we're losing or winning, and how to turn the tide.

For example, on Lizzies case (read part two), her WIG is to be the best at school. Her lead measures are including re-read the subjects every night, do her homework and watch Salman's Khan video on Youtube.
Now, how do we know if she can really be the best at school?
We know that, beside being a student, Lizzie is also a daughter, a member of the house, a friend of her friends. So she also has other things to do, like doing the home works, going out with friends, also having a me-time for herself, so she might probably fall into the whirlwind instead of focusing executing her WIG, right?
How she can keep herself  focused, then? That is, by writing a motivating scoreboard.

Motivating scoreboard is used to make us know where we are now and keep us focused on getting to where we're heading. When in team, make sure you have two kinds of scoreboards: for the leaders and for the team member. Usually, scoreboard for leaders is different than for the team member, Because the leaders' goals are different than the team's goals

Scoreboard for the team member is used to let them know where're they're at and where they're heading to, how far is it? how near is it?
Thus, it will get the team motivated more and more to achieve their goals. That's how 4DX change people's behavior. Scoreboard will make the team member enganged with their goals.
On Lizzie's case, it doesn't matter whether the scoreboard is for the leader or for the team member because the do-er here is just Lizzie herself.

There are characteristics for an interesting scoreboard. Scoreboard should be simple, easy to look for, shows lag and lead measures. Also, scoreboard should help us know whether we lose or win.

Now now, I hope you are enlightened by this post. If there's anything you don't know yet, ask me here :)

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