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December 16, 2013

Book Review: The Firm by John Grisham

Do you guys know John Grisham? John Grisham is a lawyer, now living in North Carolina.
He's also a worldwide-bestselling author in US. And after opening Wikipedia, I just knew that he's also a politician, too. Hehehe.

Well, I happened to read his book because I was so bored and the only novel left unread was John Grisham's. And you can say that I'm addicted to it. PERFECTLY addicted. I'll tell you later why.
I've read The Partner, The Rainmaker, The Judge, The Summons, The Street Lawyer and I've recently read The Testament. But the one that I favorite the most is The Firm.
Now now, let me share the review. Hope you're not getting interested in reading it, because once you got, there's no way out, you gotta keep reading! Haha kidding :p


Mitch McDeere just graduated from Harvard Law School. He already has wife, named Abby. He loves her and so does Abby. Their past in Harvard wasn't so good. They lived poorly that they could only cook chicken once a week and drove a used car. Many students underestimated them but they were okay with that. The good thing is that Mitch graduated third in Harvard.

Now three firms are offering him job, and he gotta pick one. One in New York, one in Chicago and one in Memphis. He's been interviewed by the NY and Chicago firm ones.
When he's being interviewed by the Memphis firm (Bendini, Lambert and Locke), he asks them about the salary and the facilities they'll give if he joins them. He was shocked when given the info. Later he decides to take the Memphis job.

What Mitch doesn't know is that the Memphis firm has been eyeing him and knows everything about him. They know his past. They know his dad had passed away and his mom re-married. He has a big brother who's in jail nobody knows. They even know he has debt. They know he's thirsty. And that's why they offer him to work with them.

So, Mitch starts working on that firm and sees the realization of what the firm promised him. He has the newest BMW, a small beautiful house, all with low interest. The McDeeres now have credit cards, which they spend wisely (lol) to taste the expensive retaurants. Sometimes Abby asks Mitch on why the firm wants to know so much about them. (Abby's new friend, wife of Mitch's friend, told her that the reason the firem wants to know about them is because they care of Mcdeeres' future. But Abby just doesn't believe it. Abby thinks that it's beyond the privacy and she doesn't like it. Mitch has no idea.

Not so long after that, Mitch's colleagues, Joe Hodge and Martin Kozinski died in a scuba diving accudent, and Mitch finds it weird. But he keeps focusing on his career. Three months later, when having a meal on a cafe, an FBI agent, Wayne Tarrance comes to him and tells him what the firm actually is.


Do you really want to know more? :3 See you on part two! :3

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