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December 5, 2013

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (Part Four)

..... Finally! :3
So in this post I'm gonna share about the last discipline of execution, also known as Discipline #4: Create Rhythm Accountability.
Before you get dizzy by the difficult words I use (lol actually I get confused too when trying to understand it), let's find out more about it. Shall we? :)

Let's take a look back. Yes yes quick summary!
 Discipline #1 is about finding our WIGs (Wildly Important Goals), goals we need to reach in the middle of whirlwind. (To remind you, here's the summary of Discipline #1 :D).
Discipline #2 Act Towards Lead Measure, is how we control our action to achieve our goals. (here's the summary).
Discipline #3, Managing Motivating Scoreboard, is used to keep us focused on our goals and make us more engaged with the goals. (read the summary here).

Well, discipline 1,2 and 3 prepare for the game, while discipline 4 is when the game is on.
In Creating Rhythm Accountability, there's a WIG Session held every week to evaluate every action done towards the goals and reports whether the team members made it or not. They also make commitment to act towards their lead measures in this session.
Why per week? Sean Covey and team found it easier for people to achieve their WIG weekly than daily or monthly.

There are two rules when preparing a WIG session. Rule number one, the WIG session must be held in the sam day and hour every week. Consistency is the key. By holding a session every week, the team members will be able to report what they've achieved, their problems and how they overcome it all, and to make a list of the next lead measures they need to do to achieve their WIGs.
Rule number two, we can't put in the whirlwind to the WIG session. If someone/you say that you have a problem/ something related to the whirlwind, then the team can have another meeting after the WIG session.

Basically WIG session has three parts of agenda: Report, Review and Clear the Path.
Report, means, as I've said before, reporting what the team has done the previous week and what's the outcome. And also make commitment of what they're gonna do next week to achieve their lead measures.
Review, means thye team reviews the team's work, the failure and the success they achieve at that week.
Clear the Path, means if someone in the team has a solution for the other team member relating to what they do, then they'll help each other.

So that's it. Discipline #4 is reviewed here. Hope this post enlightens you.
See yopu when I see you! Xx

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