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December 20, 2013

The Firm (Part Two)

(See part one here)

Wayne Tarrance says that he knows Mitch, and that he's curious about the Hodge and Kozinski's death. He tells Mitch that everything Mitch has, has been hacked. Phone, car, and even house. He then gives Mitch his namecard and asks Mitch to call him whenever he has something to inform, then he walks away. Mitch becomes afraid. Man, being approached by an FBI guy means something big has really happened, right? He then goes back to office and tells his mentor, Avery Tolar, that an FBI guy just approached him.

A meeting is held later, consists of all the partners including Tolar, Mr. Lamber and Nathan Locke. They ask Mitch about the incident. Mitch ois a smart guy, he doesn't answer the question truthfully. When they ask him if Tarrance gave him a namecard he says "No. I just ran because I was afraid. It was scary and annoying at the same time." They believe in him, and let him go.

Day by day, month by month, Mitch keeps doing his job as usual. He has been the neatest person in the office. Got in at 5 am, sometimes at 4.30. Got out at 11 pm. Sometimes he even sleeps at the office doing his work. Abby (Mitch's wife) gets bored of the routine but she manages to follow Mitch's game.

Actually after the Tarrance incident Mitch got aware of everything. Mitch rents Eddie Lomax's service --a local detective who's also Ray (Mitch's brother)'s close friend when in jail-- to investigate anything about Hodge, Kozinski, and the firm. Unfortunately Eddie Lomax later got killed. Mitch finds out from Tarrance that the firm is actually part of the operations of Morolto, a Chicago crime family.

Mitch believes in Tarrance's words and he believes not. He realizes that the only person he can trust is himself. He has told Abby that something is going  wrong ad asked her to stayrelax and follow his plan. Yes, Mitch has got a plan. Sorry, plans.

Mitch and Abby never talk about anything unsual in their car, their house, and even in the bedroom. If they want to talk something important related with Mitch's plan, they go to backyard.

One day Mitch got the chance to go to Cayman Island with Tolar to do some client's business. There, Mitch is trapped by the firm and ends up having an affair with (sorry) a local whore. Mitch swears he will never do it again and hopes Abby will never know.

When Mitch is being sent to a three-day seminar in DC (correct me if I'm wrong), he also has a secret agenda of meeting Denton F. Voyles, the director of FBI. He's rwally afraid of being stalked by the firm's accomplice and end up caught but there's an FBI guy saying that the area has been cleared so it's safe tp be there. Mr. Voyles asks him to be FBI's witness. Mitch says yes, but he wants to be paid $2 million dollars plus the release of his brother, Ray from prison. Mitch really knows the risks. Eventhough FBI says that he and his family will be 100% protected there's always the possibility of him being caught or even worse, killed. That's why he wants to be paid that high. He wants to stay alive.
After wird kind of meetups with Tarrance in different places (cafe, Greyhound bus, even KFC lol), the FBI agrees to pay Mitch the price.

While still working in the Bendini, Lambert and Locke firm, Mitch decides to take a holiday with Abby to Cayman. The firm offers them to go with the office's jet but Mitch says no. (Remember the possibility of being killed? yes, it does exist).

In Cayman, Abby and Mitch, together with Tammy, Lomax assistant who becomes Mitch's got lots of work to do. From his visit to Cayman a few months ago he knew that the firm's has two condominiums, condo A is for the partners, associates and all the employees when they're in holiday. But the condo B is just for the client and the senior partners, and Mitch thinks that the secret files are saved there.
Tammy's job is to seduce Tolar and then find the condo's keys and hand it to Abby whose job is to duplicate it. They then copy all the files and save them in a small office rent by Tammy in Memphis.
Mitch and Abby also got in to Barry Abanks' dive lodge, the lodge wherHodge and Kozinski were killed and make a deal with him.

One day Tarrance calls Mitch's office, disguising as the judge. It's a sign to Mitch that the firm's gonna do something bad to him. Mitch then runs and runs and runs. He doesn't believe in FBI anymore and decides to take his life by his own. In short, Mitch, Abby and Ray succeed in escaping and are helped by Barry Abanks. Mitch succeed in taking $8 million dollars from the firm, too. Hahahaha so brilliant. They then live in a boat.


Pretty thrilling, huh? I just knew that The Firm is also Grisham's first bestseller. It also became a movie to, starred by Tom Cruise oh my gosh he was really handsome at the movie!!! (I only watch the trailer tho)
Here's the cover of the novel:
Adnd here's Tom Cruise in the movie (taken from google) still handsome!!
Hahahaha I guess that's enpugh as a spoiler. Happy reading!!

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