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February 19, 2014

Chapter 11: Rapport (NLP for Success)

Rapport is not report guys, hehehe.
Rapport is a condition where (as said in the book) trust, harmony and cooperation are built in a relationship.

Rapport condition between someone and the other one is usually pictured with the phrase "on the same wavelength".

You know when you go out with a good friend of yours and you sit somewhere and you both go talking for hours, doing eye contact and feel comfort with each other?
That's when rapport happens.

When you laugh together with your brother/sister because of the jokes you guys throw to each other?
That's also when rapport happens.

I think it's obvious to see by now that rapport process needs two or more people to happen. We all need to know what rapport is, what rapport can do, and how we can make rapport happen.

It's not just about getting what we want, though. NLP is developed to make things easier, yes, but it's not manipulating unless we intend to make it so.
Put it simple: as human, we need to interact with other people, right? NLP is the method to make us interact better, and rapport is one of NLP's pillars.

Matching is when we observe people -- and then we behave like them.
for example: sitting in the same position, or using the same body language.

Mirroring is matching someone's behavior -- precisely.

Never let the people you do "matching" and "mirroring" to, know that you are doing those things to them. You don't know what kind of respond you might get. Do it slowly, approximately 20-30 seconds after they behave something.

We can match...
the whole body, upper part of body, lower part of body, the way s/he moves, his/her gesture, his/her face expression, his/her eye movement, and even the way someone breathe!

Well then, there are actually more rapport methods but I think these wo are the most important ones. If you do want to know more, go google for NLP thingy! :3

Happy practicing, guys!

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