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February 2, 2014

Chapter 5: Meta Programs (NLP for Personal Success)

The heck is Meta Programs, Nad??!
Whoa haha, easy guys haha I'm about to share it ;)

So, Meta Programs is how NLP explains about differences of human's way of thinking.
Some people love to think things generally, while the other one love details. Some see the beauty of an idea, some see how that one idea can ruin everything.

Meta Programs is--yes, as said in the book--unconscious filters that help us handle so much sense-based infos from our external environment.

Meta Programs comes in a bi-polar opposites form, which means something quite the opposite from one pole to the other pole. For example: Self and Other. But someone can also be half-self and half-other.

Meta Programs is spesific context--means it can be different depending on where you are. For example, the meta programs you use in your house is different with the one you use in the office. And the meta programs you use for your brothers/sisters is different than the one you use for your friends (haha so true) (I'm the only child btw. Don't ask me where do I get to know this lol).

So what things Meta Programs can do, Nad?
-It can help support rapport situation, so that we can make a more effective communication with people.
-It increases our ability to influence others (isn't that cool? haha!) (wait since it's extreme weather we're having now worldwide-ly, please just don't use this method to influence others your flu! just don't. Haha.)
-It helps us make a better decision ;)

Five Most Important Meta Programs
(P.S. Read this carefully!)
1. Towards or Away From
'Towards' people are highly oriented in target/goal thingy. They'll do everything to reach their goals. But then, when they don't have spesific target, they'll easily lose their motivation and become lazy.
While 'Away From' people are moved by avoiding things they don't like.

2. Internal and External
'Internal' people don't need others' opinion to make them sure if they have done things well, because they already feel that they have. But they have difficulties, sometimes, for acting like they know everything well.
While 'external' people need to be convinced by others first, they need to be given feedback first before/after performing siomething.

3. Self and Other
'Self' people focus more on theirselves than to others, while 'other' focus more on other people.
4. Options and Procedure
'Options' people don't like being told what to do, they'd rather make their own rules than follow the instructions.
While 'procedure' people are moved by what others tell them to do. They get confused whenever they are told to make their own options.

5. General and Spesific
'General' people love to picture things generally, while 'spesific' people love details.
Well then, which one are you? :D
Whichever you are, I hope by reading this you'll know how to work things out with people whose meta programs are shown above and make a better communication--and eventually to achieve both your outcomes together. Hehehe.

Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading :)

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