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February 11, 2014

Chapter 8: States and Emotions (NLP for Success)

What is state?
According to Colins English Dictionary, "state" means "conditions of a person". In NLP it means a person's mental and physical condition when taking action.

Let's explore the idea of states.
Go inside your body and mind, what are you feeling right now?
Happy because you're about to meet a friend whom you haven't met for a while?
Sad because you haven't read John Grisham's latest novel?
Blessed with all the things that have happened to you all these freakin years?
Whatever it is, whether it's sad, happy, tired, blissful, confidence, etc--it's a state.

State changes within time. Mostly we experience many states in a day. Some are what we experience positively, and some are negative ones. Sometimes we don't even get the chance to name the state. We only know that we are in "good mood" or "bad mood".

Our state can help us to reach what we want--but it can also fail to help us, too. Most people think that their states just can't be changed--sometimes they don't even know such thing does exist--that everything happens around them is none of their control.

That's sad, terribly sad, because the fact is, we can control our states! We can control our feelings yes yes :3
The first step is to be aware of our state at one time.
Does it make you feel good?
Does it help you get closer to what you want?

If the state is good, you don't have to change it.
But if it's bad--means you don't get benefits from that state, easy, you can change i. Changing your perspective might be one good idea to start.

I hope your states can make you live your best life. Ciao! :)

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