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February 11, 2014

Chapter 9: Anchor

Hmm? What? You wanna know what anchor is? You do? Seriously?
Well, let me tell you...

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Xixixixixixi :)))))

You might not know this--or do you want to know this-- hehehe, but sometimes when I listen to certain songs I easily remember the first time I listened to them -- the situation, with whom, how I felt.
Like when listening to The Corrs' songs (Radio, What Can I Do, So Young, Breathless, Runaway, etc), I remember my childhood time listening and singing those songs along with my parents, and that thought just keeps me smiling all the time. :)

And sometimes when you smell something, you can easily connect that smell with something. Like when smelling the aroma of terang bulan keju, you feel like home. #eh. At least for me hehe.
The same goes with the visual, kinaesthetic and gustatory things.

From the examples above, we can simply put The Corrs' songs and the aroma of terang bulan keju as anchors.
And you can call the process which your internal respond gets easily connected with your experiences by "anchoring".

Anchor/anchoring happens naturally. Sometimes it comes from traumatic experience, but mostly it is built from repeated experiences that are strengthened time by time.

The good thing is, we can use anchor to help us reach what we want.
[Again, I'm still learning this too. Let's learn together :)]
There are five requirements to make a positive anchor:
-the uniqueness of stimulus

Wait.... see ya next post ;)

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