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March 7, 2014

Chapter 15: Other NLP's Key Techniques (NLP for Personal Success)

New Behavior Generator
This is another NLP technique to make us generate new behavior for specific function.
Fast Phobia Cure
was developed by Richard Bandler to cure people's phobia.
You see, NLP is not about why things happens, but it's how we handle them.

S.C.O.R.E Model
was developed by Robert Dilts. SCORE is a technique used to get us closer to our outcomes.
S stands for Symptomps, C for Causes, R for Resources and E for Effects.

These three techniques (and other NLP techniques) actually have to-do-steps within them. Since I'm not an NLP practitioner (yet! I want to become one!) and I really am still a newbie in this kind of thing (tbh I still need to learn moreeee), I recommend you to read the book, or other NLP books.

Happy reading :)

Chapter 14: Frames, Framing, Reframing and Parts (NLP for Success)

It's chapter for-teen. Let's make it fast.
So, where to start?

 Frame, in NLP, is one of our ways to filter our internal perception about the world. Frame works unconsciously. Then what exactly frame is?

For example:
Anna frames the smell of KFC's fried chicken as "yummy".

March 3, 2014

In Case You Don't Know...

Well I've been singing since I was a kid, prolly at age two or more, I kinda forget, and my first ten years of life was the exploration years for me to find out what music I like to listen to (the best is still the 90s and early 2000s songs, for me) and I did a little singing too at those years, but not much.

At year eleven I started to develop (lol I can't believe I use the word 'develop' here hahaha) my singing skill. And I just couldn't stop. Singing, for me, is the best way to express myself.

I know my singing skill is still freakingly poor and I haven't really sung songs these past two years so you might hear some nggeleyang voice here, but hey I tried. And also because of that reason I chose the easy-but-not-so-easy songs to sing.

Sure, let me know what you think about my cover. 
If you read this and you got soundcloud account too, let me know.

Thanks a bunch! Have a guhreaaat day, friends! <3

Chapter 13: Meta Model (NLP for Personal Success)

Aaaaaa 13 is my favorite number!!!!! Because 4 + 9 = 13. :p

Ahahahahaha so Meta Model is, as the book says, the heart of NLP. I'm not good at explaining things, so if you find my post here is not satisfying, pls just start googling. ;)

It all starts woth the term "transformational grammar" (the f is that huh??!)
Every sentence we say can be analyzed from two structures: surface structure and deep structure.

What are surface structure and deep structure?
For example:

a. I ate bread with Dina today. I ate bread with fork and knife. Both sentences above are in the same surface structure but not in the same deep structure, because they have different meanings.

b. She sang the song beautifully. The song was beautifully sung by her. Although the surface structures are different, they got same deep structure because they have the same meaning.

Deep structure is our internal representation about the world.
Wgar we say or think is the surface structure.

It's from the deep to surface. What we say or think is not the actual content from our deep structure, because, on the way to surface, there are three meta model processes happen: deletion, distortion, and generalization.

As written before, we only pay attention to certain aspects (based on our experiences), filter them, and delete other things, at a time.

Distortion is about simplifying experiences.
Like making an opinion become a fact (when we actually don't have enough infos to make it so).
But distortion can be good things too, like creative thinking to create invention and things like that.

I can't say much, but without generalization, we'll still have to think first how to open our bag whenever we want to open it.

We must be careful when using Meta Model, and by being careful means we gotta develop our rapport ability.
See you on next post! :)

Chapter 12: Perceptual Perceptions (NLP for Personal Success)

Can you believe that it's already March? Feels like it's only two days away from New Year's Eve, tho. Time flies freakin fast, eh?

Sooo, how are you feeling right now guys? I hope you're all feeling great.
Whatever you do, do it with love. :)

We've come to chapter 12, eventually. Perceptual Positions has so many advantages.
With it, we can actually realize what's happening between us and other people.
With it, we can respond better.
With it, we can find both ours and others' solutions.
With it, we can bigger our heart and give empathy to others.

What is perceptual positions?
Perceptual --> perception --> how we see things
Positions --> where we are/ where we choose to be.

Perceptual Positions is divided into four:

First position is how we see ourselves and the world around us with our own eyes, our own thoughts and our own understanding(s). It's "self" position. Here we use the words "I" or "me" or "my".
By being in this position, we'll be able to focus on what we want and achieve them.
But being here can also cause us to be egoistic/ narcissistic person so we mut be fully aware. Hehehehehe.

Second position is how we see the world through other people's perspectives. Here we must act like them, mirroring their gesture, and even breath like them.
We will be able to experience everything through their five senses.
Here we must let go of our values and beliefs for a while, to know what it's like to be them, to know how they think.
By being in this position we can give empathy to the people we're having communication with. But sometimes it can also make us feel dry.

Third position is being an observer, means we observe the two sides who communicate with each other (one of the side is us) from the distance.
By positioning ourselves in observer mode, we can understand both perceptions, we can analyze the problems and seek for solutions. We can gain infos to be brought back to our first position.

Fourth position is the three positions, combine all in one. By being here, we'll feel resemblance with all the other people in the system.