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March 7, 2014

Chapter 15: Other NLP's Key Techniques (NLP for Personal Success)

New Behavior Generator
This is another NLP technique to make us generate new behavior for specific function.
Fast Phobia Cure
was developed by Richard Bandler to cure people's phobia.
You see, NLP is not about why things happens, but it's how we handle them.

S.C.O.R.E Model
was developed by Robert Dilts. SCORE is a technique used to get us closer to our outcomes.
S stands for Symptomps, C for Causes, R for Resources and E for Effects.

These three techniques (and other NLP techniques) actually have to-do-steps within them. Since I'm not an NLP practitioner (yet! I want to become one!) and I really am still a newbie in this kind of thing (tbh I still need to learn moreeee), I recommend you to read the book, or other NLP books.

Happy reading :)

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