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April 3, 2014

Chapter 18: Strategies (NLP for Success)

What do you think when you first hear the word 'strategy'?
Sun Tzu thingy? Martial-arts-Jackie-Chan-Stephen-Chow thing? Or even Brian-Tracy-TED thingy?

Whatever it is, you're right.

Actually, in doing everything in life we gotta have strategies (We always have them, actually).
We even have strategies for things that we do without thinking.

When cooking a meal, we pull all the ingredients out of the refrigerator, wash the veggies, cut the meat and fry them. Those are strategies.

All of us have dreams, waiting to be caught, right? And we have strategies for them. Someone whose dream is to make Indonesia's media become better have strategies to make it come true: hone his jpurnalism skills up, getting to college majoring Communication, apply job in tv station then work hard (and smart) to make it true.

In NLP there's thismodel called TOTE -- Test, Operate, Test, Exit. Its purpose is to make it easier for us to catch our dreams.
Test (1) --> we know where we are, we know where we want to be, we write strategies to get us there.
Operate --> we execute the strategies.
Test (2) -->we compare our present condition to the past one.
Exit --> We've found the solution/ we've come to the situation that we want.

Last, NLP also has strategy's notation. It is based on VAKOG. Some of them are:
-Ar (Auditory Remembered)-- remembering back the voices we've heard before.
-Ac (Auditory Constructed)-- imagining voices we've never heard before.
-Aid (Auditory Internal Digital)-- talking to ourselves.

Make sure your outcome is well-formed before creating strategies.

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