"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

April 11, 2014

Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind (7 Habits by Stephen Covey)

Hello, fellows. I know it's been a really long time since my first post on Covey's 7 Habits (yeah it's here). I was busy on the other books hehe sorry.

So, on Habit 1, we've learned that what matters is not what happens to us, it's what we do with what happens.
Being proactive means being responsible forb the things we've done, knowing that everything happens for a reason (eventho sometimes things seem unreadable) and then moving on to the next step: How are we going to respond this?
It's all our own choice, anyway.

Everything we do has its own consequences. We can choose to do whatever we want to do, but we can't choose the consequence(s). They are in one package. Let's choose well, dear people.
And now that we're becoming proactive everyday, we begin to ask this question to ourselves:
What do we want to do with our life?
How do we want to live our life?

We can start it all by writing a mission statement. What is it?
It's a statement we write for ourselves, as a compass, as a reminder of how we want to live our life.
It requires a huge commitment from ourselves. It is written not to impress others, but to IMPROVE your life quality, to make you sure where you are going, and what tools you bring. Think of everything in your life and start writing it all down in fifteen minutes. You can edit it later. Place it in a place where you can see it everyday, everytime.

Got clueless? Here's the clue...

Take a look at yourself.
Who are you? How old are you? How many happy-soul-fulfilling things you've done? Are you happy? Do you feel loved?

Now, take a look at your dreams.
Have you reached them all? Have you found the things you love to do? Are you doing them now? How do you feel about your dreams?

Now, take a look at your life. 
How has your life been? Has it been good? Or bad? How many life-changing experience you've had Did it change you? Have you come to the point where all you gotta do is to keep moving on, forward?

I kniow each of us has our own values and beliefs. Some of us love to have a dinner together with family, while the others don't. Some of us think that it's important to read books at least once a week, while so many others who prefer Internet.

And, at the age we are now, we must have experienced things we never thought we would--that in the end helped us build our paradigm of almost everything, and build our cvharacters --who we are-- along with principles we hold on to.

May you live your life you-ly.
Happy living! :)

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