"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

May 10, 2014

The Interdependence Paradigm (7 Habits by Stephen Covey)

We've learned how to be proactive--to take control of our own lives by taking control of our minds and hearts.

We've digged down our hearts deeply--to find what we want to do with our lives--to live life the way we want it to be.

We've learned how to manage our time--to think first things first--to use time efficiently, to work with people effectively.

In short, by learning habit 1, 2, and 3, we've learned about private victory--how we win ourselves.
Now that we've won--we are now able to take control of ourselves, our minds, our actions, our hearts and our responds.

Now it's time for us to learn about Public Victory. Let's know more about Interdependence first. :)

In life, like it or not we gotta deal with so many people. From the closest ones--our parents, brothers and sistersd, the big family, best friends and to the not-so-close and not-close-at-all like teachers, lecturers, neighbors, colleagues, the people we meet on the street, etc. And if we don't win ourselves first, how can we win the public victory?

Yes. As said in the book: Private victory wins public victory.

Now, Interdependence. What does it mean?
Whatever it is, the one thing we need to know is that interdependence requires people's independence. If we're not independent yet, we just can't build an interdependence relationship with anyone.

So often we are not independent, yet we build a (what we thought) an interdependence relationship with someone. What hapeens next is not like what we expected it to be.

When building any relationship with anyone, we also open an emotional bank account to them. There are six primary deposits to build a healthy yet fulfilling Interdependence relationship, they are:

1. Understanding Individual
2. Do good simple things to others
3. Fulfilling commitments
4. Explain our hopes
5. Have the Integrity
6. Say sorry when necessary

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