"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

June 6, 2014

Chapter 1: You Get Used To Something Normal (Life is What You Make It)

Peter Buffett (later I'll call him just "Buffett") believes that to be given the best chance to get biggest benefit from one's own life, is a matter of value s/he holds on to. And those values are usually absorbed from...home.

The first value is trust.
Trust that the world is a good place to live in. 
Trust that all humans are usually good people with good intentions.

Why do we need to build these kinds of trust? 
If we believe that the world is a good place to live in, we won't feel so pessimistic about it. We will want to fight to make it a better place.
If we believe that all humans are basically good people with good intentions, we won't feel so suspicious about each other, we won't care about what others might do/say about us. We will have a good relationship with everyone.

The second value is tolerance.
We are all different. Even if you and I are both Indonesians, we have different parents (lol), different physical condition, and different brain (which leads to a different way of thinking).
We need to have an open mind to respect differences. It may seem unimportant, but let's look deeper:
an open mind makes a difference.

The third value is education.
While you might think that education is the whole school-thingy, letme tell you the truth: it is merely much, much more than that. Of course formal education is important. It's like the ticket to show people what we're capable of. But let us take the whole idea  to the next level.

My mom says that education is everyone's right. Look at how horrible it is when someone just don;t know enough about what s/he's facing. And look at how much relaxing it will be if we know how to handle things well.

Buffett also thinks of education that way, too. He says education is more of fulfillment of curiosity. In this information era when we can easily search for almost everything through just a "click", would be better if we get back to basic--by reading books, for example. Buffett says that doing research is like hunting treasure. There's the tension and adventure we'll experience in the process, and the grateful and satisfaction we feel when the treasure is finally founded.

Gratefulness and satisfaction.We need to feel these when learning something so that we will want to learn more.

Another kind of education is how we learn about people--how we understand our own hearts and others' motives when taking decisions. Buffett learned this from his mother: Everybody has a story worth listening; Everybody has soimething to be taught to others.

The last --but not least-- of the value is work ethics.
We are all different so each of us has different kind of work ethics--depending on our valuesand beliefs, principles and perception.

Buffett says, "If you really are a hard worker, why not using some of your efforts or the time to do the things you really love?"

"To my dad --and now to me-- the essence of a good work ethicsstarts by answering the challenges to know ourselves; finding the job we love, so that the job, even when it gets hard and heavy--changes to be very fun."

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