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June 15, 2014

Chapter 3: Why Drug Dealers Are Still Living With Their Moms (Freakonomics by Steven Levitt)

As we know, in the middle of 90s there were lots of drug-thingy cases in the US. Drugs were very happening at that time and so many people used it there.

There were also lots of gangs that sold drugs. Drug is expensive, because it has a lot to do with the making, the packing, and the delivery thing.

That way, drug dealers should've had been making buckets of bucks, right?
They should've bought their own apartments, right?
They should've been swimming in their own pool of dollars (just like Uncle Gober), yes?

In fact, drug dealers are still living with their moms. The question is: why?
There's this guy named Sudhir Venkatesh who in 1989 took the doctoral program on sociology in the University of Chicago. He turned out to be visiting poor settlement in Chicago to interview the people livibg there.

Day by day he began to know the people who were members on a drug-dealers gang, named Black Gangster Disciple Nation. He began interested in knowing how the gang worked.

Finally he found out that the gang's career ladder is just the same as usual corporate's one! Only the people in the top position earn the biggest.
For example in the case that Venkatesh observed:
There are one leader, three officers and fifty foot soldiers.
The leader earns $8500 per month, which is $66 per hour.
The officers earn $700 per month per person, which is $7 per hour per person.
And each of the foot soldiers earns $3,3 per hour!

FYI, foot soldiers are the ones in the gang who have the biggest possibility to get caught by the cops, and even to get killed by members of different gangs!

Despite the fact that the job as a foot soldier is considered prestigious by people around them, haven't they thought about the consequences it might bring?

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