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August 15, 2014

Book Review: Conrad The Factory-Made Boy by Christine Nostlinger

Hi! I guess you might get a lil' bored with serious posts here hehehe so I'll get you relaxed a lil' bit. Yes, it's a novel. It's for kids, actually.

You know, I love reading since I was little, this one was purchased around 10 years ago (wow! that long! time really flies, eh?), when I was still in the primary school hehehe. Mine is in Bahasa version. Too bad I haven't taken a picture of it so let me show you the pic from Google:

So here's the plot.

There was a not-so-old-yet-considered-weird woman named Mrs. Berti Bartolotti, who lived in an apartment (I guess). She loved collecting coupons and buying things from newspapers and magazines (it's like buying things online, I guess), even the unimportant ones. She was the kind of woman that loved to wear, do and talk about anything she liked, no matter what people would say. She only had two friends, one of them was Mr. Egon, a pharmacist lived near Mrs. Bartolotti's house. They loved hanging out together, only on Tuesday and Saturday. The other days they didn't even talk to each other.

One day, Mrs. Bartolotti received a parcel post. It was a factory-made boy! Mrs. B was so shocked that she started shaking. Mrs. B then lived with the boy, until Mr. Egon found out about Conrad, the boy's name, and he decided to be Conrad's father.

Day by day, Mr. Egon had told Mrs. B to change her attitude and start being a good mom. Mrs. B tried. And Conrad was a real smart and bright boy, he was so kind and full of integrity that his friends didn't like him when he was trying to obey his teacher's order.

One day came a letter from Conrad's factory saying that they were sending the wrong thing. Mrs. B, and Mr. Egon, who had been starting to love Conrad, and also Kitti, Conrad's friend (who happened to be Conrad's girlfriend too, eventhough they were just 7 yo), made a plan for rescuing Conrad.

What happened next?

Read the book, please! :p

The novel was made in the 70s so there were some things that are not really now-ish. It's fun to read, An easy and light one. I re-read this a couple days ago and think that it might be good to be posted here hehehe.

Have a happy day, friends!

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