"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

August 21, 2014

Buying Time (Life is What You Make It Chapter Six)

Tell me, what is luck?
Luck is usually related with easiness. But what kind of easiness do we see? Each of us sees them all differently.
Some say, money is easiness, some say network is. Most people won't say that education is an easiness, but Peter Buffett believes it is. It's not just education in formal school, it's deeper: education that deepens our understanding, and involves our empathy.

Furthermore he says, luck is like a telescope. It's a matter of how we see it. It's up to us about what to do with it.

Buffett did do something about his luck. Pursuing his own career in music thing, he decided to live alone in a small flat, using the money from his parents, and of course his own money (he admits that he asked his father to make him the budget he needed to live frugally for, if I'm not mistaken, a year). At that time, he kept practicing to make more music, and as time went by he became better and better. This is what he called "Buying Time".

Buying time doesn't always have to do with what you are doing, like what I've told you in the previous post, life-calling is not just your career, it's an interest we feel towards the right life for us; this means it's what make us feel alive when doing it (when living it, when experiencing it, it's the same).

Buying times means spending more times to do our life-calling, and if haven't found our life-calling yet, buying time means the willingness to find it, to, at least, live our life. I think so.

Hope this post inspires you, hope you find your life-calling and spend your time enjoying living it, live your best life! <3

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