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August 6, 2014

Freakonomics: What Makes Parents Become Perfect

Sometimes we wonder what makes parents become perfect. It depends on their parenting skill,though.

Levitt shows us the ECLS data, the negative and positive factors that may relate to children's development.
Look at the list:

1 Children's parents are high-educated ones
2 Kids' parents don't split up
3 Kids' parents have a high social status
4 The parents have just moved to a better environment

5 The kid's mother aged 30 or more when the kid was born
6 The kid's mom doesn't work when the kid is born until the kid goes to school
7 Light weight when born
8 The child goes to pre-school
9 The child's parents talk in English in the house
10 The parents frequently take children to the museum
11 The child is adopted
12 The child is frequently being punished
13 Parents are involved in the POG organization
14 The child watches TV oftenly
15 The child has many books in the house
16 The parents read their child books almost every day

The eight factors that are strongly related are number 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13, 15.
The other eight are not.

Well then, let's take a look again.
1. Children's parents are highly educated.
We can agree that education is important for the parents, so that they know that education is important for the children too.

2. Kids' parents don't split up
Divorce has nothing to do with kids' development. If thair parents split up but they still manage to get education, and are loved by many people, they'll develop goodly.

5. Kids' mother aged 30 or more when the kid was born
This is important. I personally think that the older the mother, the more mature she gets, the more she wants to have a baby. Women aged 30 or more usually have accomplished (or let go) their selfish dreams and they now want to be serious. So then, when it comes to having a baby they'll think about it thoughtfully. They'll be more ready than women aged less than 30.

15. The child has many books in the house
This helps the child get used to books and reading activity. That way when s/he gets older they'll begin to (hopefully) love reading.

To sum up, what makes parents become perfect are knowledge, preparation, and of course, love.

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