"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

August 8, 2014

Life is What You Make It: Chapter Two: No One Deserves Anything

We are all different.

You might come from a good family. Others might come from bad ones.

You were born from rich parents. Others were born from middle-up and middle-low ones.

You were born healthy. Others were born suffering serious sickness.

Here in this chapter Buffett explains that eventhough we were born from rich parents, we don't deserve the compliment against the situation. Let's just call it "luck".

Buffett points out that, in the beginning of life, no one deserves to be rich or poor; no one deserves to be healthy or sick; no one deserves getting a good family or a bad one. It all happens just like that.

The word 'deserve' itself came from ancient French meaning "feasible, rightful or have the right of ...... because actions or quality of someone."

What we think is a luck might not be a luck.
What we think is a curse might not be a curse.

Easiness in life may seem as 'luck', but it can actually be a curse because it can be an obstacle for us to grow.

Vice versa, something that we see as a curse to us can be a blessing in disguise!

When we think we are not richer than the other friends who can buy things easily without thinking; it's a blessing for us to learn to prioritize (it's a good skill to develop to survive in life, btw).

When we see that we are born in the middle of a messed-up family; it's a blessing for us to realize the situation, and try to change it for a better life of the next generation. Plus, iwe can also encourage others who are in the same situation to do the same. Or even better.

When we are born sick; it's a blessing for us to make each day count.
It's how we see it. It's how we make it.

To those who were surrounded by luckiness, Buffett says:
Self respect can only be reached by our own efforts.

So then, do not belittle yourself saying you cannot do this and that because of this and that.
See your obstacles in a different way, it is indeed a blessing. ;)

Let's do things for a greater goal; for humanity; for a better world.

Life is a gift. Life is what you make it.

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