"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

March 8, 2015

Part One: Learning Model of Human Perfection: The Commodity of Kings (Chapter One, Revised)

Ever know how successful people get succeed? How happy people get happy?  How some people are lucky enough to get what they want?
Meanwhile, how come there are still poor and unhappy people? How come people don't get what they want?
Anthony Robbins figures out that it's power that differs between both kinds of people. At the Industrial Era, only the kings and landlord who have power. But now we're in the Information Era! Everyone can be their own very king. Information overload. It's what we do with it that counts :)
"Successful people's lives have shown us multiple times that our life's quality doesn't depend on what happens to us, but merely what we do with what happens."
"It's you yourself who decides how you feel and how you act based on the way you interpret your life. Nothing has a meaning except the one that we give to it."
Tony robbins reveals that there are seven basic trigger mechanisms that can guarantee our success:
Know what you want. What is it that keeps you going the most? What is it that gets you excited on seizing the day, every day?
Again, decide what you want.
What makes a belief? Beliefs are the ones that build you, alongside with the other things.
We see the reality as we believe. If you believe you have a terrible voice, terrible it is. If someone believes that he/she's beautiful, indeed people will see her as a beautiful person. 
What we believe is what becomes the reality, what becomes possible.

Having decided about what we want and being fully passionate and believe about it, now we need strategies.
How will we achieve it? What are the steps we need to take? And if things don't work out, what should we do?

Clarity of Values
While starting to walk on our newly-chosen path, let's think about our values. What are they?
Love, dignity, honesty, freedom, you might say.
What matters most to you?
Let's think about our values and ask ourselves whether they've been helping us reaching our goals or not (yet).

Energy is what we do with our passion, beliefs, strategies and values being put together.
There are three kinds of energy: physical, intellectual and spiritual. Each of them hold an important role. Let's use them well.

The Power to Bind Relationships
One of the similarities that the successful people have is their power to win people' hearts.
Mastery of Communication
Believe it or not, if we want to be big in this world, we gotta open up. We gotta talk to people, find what they want, and help them reach it while we are also achieving ours.
"Find what you want specifically, and be willing to pay the price."
-Bunker Hunt

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